How to teach PLC by yourself? 26Dec

How to teach PLC by yourself?

Core Secret One: Looking at real case studies will give you unexpected results in improving your programming skills.

This is also my summary of the past ten years. If you want to accomplish something quickly, the best way is to find a successful case first, then learn it quickly, and follow this already successful idea to achieve rapid success. This is the principle.

Later, I divided the programming into several large blocks. There are sequential programming cases, servo motor programming cases, analog programming cases (temperature, pressure, flow), and 485 communication cases. As mentioned later, apply these templates. Cases, you can quickly find programming ideas, quickly apply them, and the effect is very good!

Core secret two: use the framework thinking programming method to simplify the complexity, greatly simplify the difficulty of programming, and improve the efficiency of programming.

Do you have such a feeling that when you want to do something, ideas and methods are very important. Any complicated thing is actually a combination of simple things. When you divide the order of doing things, find If the "procedure" of doing things is the steps of doing things, then dealing with complex problems will become very handy. After 9 years of actual programming, I have summarized a set of effective programming secrets that can simplify programming and greatly improve programming efficiency. The method is to carefully look at the following:

There are steps in programming. After getting an engineering project, the first thing I do is to clarify my thoughts.

Yes, this step is too important. Clarify your thinking, find out the action process, and then make a flow chart. I will teach you how to draw the flow chart. I know brother, you will ask why you want to draw your ideas. Now I will tell you the reasons and benefits of using this method: You will encounter this situation when you are programming, but you forget to write the next step when you write the program. What steps, and write the action process on paper in advance, and draw it in the form of a diagram, you will be very refreshed when programming.

The second step is to look at the flow chart, find and mark all the input and output points of the PLC to be used in the flow chart.

The advantage of this step is that the switches, sensors, and electrical valves in the electricity are transformed into the input and output points of the PLC, so that the engineering can be simplified in one step.

The third step is also the most core point (knock on the blackboard and talk about the key points). Based on the flow chart and the marked input and output ports, apply a programming mode to directly translate the action process into PLC language (more on that later, This programming mode is very powerful. It can be used directly after learning to write a variety of complex programs. After learning, the programming ability will increase by one level)

Here is the third secret: the secret to writing high-priced programs. This has always been a secret that some programmers are unwilling to disclose to the outside world, because using this method, immediately help you write high-priced programs, and completely bid farewell to the pain of programming.

When I came into contact with this method two years ago, I made a program in a factory in Shanghai. At that time, I made a fully automatic walnut clamping machine. The process inside was very complicated. Various valve actions used analog quantities to monitor pressure. Servo motor is used for precise positioning, RS485 communication is used, and this trick is used throughout the programming process. Finally, I received a programming fee of 36,000 yuan from the customer, and the boss of Party A specially invited me to dinner to ask about technical optimization. This method allows you to program easily and live a chic life!